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   keywords = {circuit, simulation, algorithms},
   author = {Zs. M. Kovacs-V. and A. Benedetti and S. Graffi and G. Masetti},
   title="A New Multilevel Simulator for MOS Integrated Circuits",
   journal={IEICE Trans. on Electronics},
   volume = {E77-C},
   number = {2},
   pages = {206--213},
   month = {Feb},
   year = {1994},
   abstract = {
A novel Multilevel Simulator for the analysis and design of IC's at
the device level (MUSIC) is presented. The simulation technique is
based on a circuit decomposition into hierarchic subcircuits, followed
by a multilevel Newton equation solution. The key feature addressed in
this methodology is the control on the information propagated in the
circuit to avoid unrealistic boundary conditions when the subcircuits
are considered.  The code, which in the current version can analyze DC
sweeps, has an input format fully compatible with SPICE and eliminates
the numerical overflow and slow convergence problems, due to numerical
propagation of externally applied node voltages, often encountered in
the simulation of large MOS IC's with SPICE. The simulation results of
chains of inverters and full-adders are reported.

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