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   booktitle={Proc. of 29th Internation Symposium on Automotive Technology 
and Automation, Florence, Italy},
   title={Analog Fuzzy implementation of a vehicle traction 
    sliding-mode control},
   author={A. Bellini and A. Bemporad and E. Franchi and N. Manaresi 
and R. Rovatti and G. Torrini},
A three step methodology for the analog implementation of a controller 
for both antiskid braking and antispin acceleration is proposed.  A
robust sliding-mode control algorithm is firstly designed to provide
stability and reliable performance, taking into account the involved
uncertainties.  The wheel slip coefficient is regulated to a desired
value for both antispin acceleration and antiskid braking of the
vehicle.  Subsequently the designed control is implemented with an
Analog Fuzzy circuit. This is done by means of an automatic design
flow which reproduces the control surface with 14 Fuzzy Rules.
A fully programmable version of the circuit is fabricated, programmed
and measured.  Simulations of close-loop control accounting for these
measures and for a simplified car dynamic model are carried out
producing results consistent with similar security systems.
The proposed analog processing makes A/D and D/A converters no longer
necessary and features a high computational efficiency, as the
required fuzzy inferences are completed in less than 1 $\mu$s while
the dedicated silicon area is about 1.7 mm$^2$.

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