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   key = {ijcnn91:Kov},
   keywords = {ocr, classifiers, algorithms, nearest neighbors},
   author = {Zs. M. V.-Kovacs and R. Guerrieri},
   title = {A Generalization Technique for Nearest-Neighbor Classifiers},
   booktitle = {Proc. of IJCNN'91 Singapore - Singapore},
   volume = {2},
   pages = {1782--1788},
   month = {Nov},
   year = {1991},
   abstract = {
Classifiers based on the k-Nearest neighbors (k-NN) approach have
recently received a significant attention because of their simple
implementation and absence of training. However, these valuable
properties have been somewhat outweighted by the computational cost
required to classify a new sample and by the lack of adequate
techniques to improve their generalization capabilities, once a
training set has been given.
This paper addresses these issues and presents a new algorithm which
provides nearly optimal generalization capabilities to k-NN
classifiers. Its computational cost is a weak function of the
dimensionality of the space of the training set and it is not related
to any specific formulation of the metric used in the classifier. The
asymptotic computational cost of the proposed algorithm is a low-order
polynomial of the number of elements in the training set. We also
prove that, given a suitable performance measure, each step of the
generalization algorithm monotonically improves the performaces of the
classifier. Finally, experimental results stemming from the
classification of handwritten digits show that the training set
provided to the classifier can be reduced by more than one order of
magnitude, thus dramatically reducing the CPU time and the memory
required to classify new samples.  

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