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  key  ={ieeeTFS:Man96},
  title={A Silicon Compiler of Analog Fuzzy Controllers: from Behavioral
 Specifications to Layout},
  author={N. Manaresi and  R. Rovatti and E. Franchi and R. Guerrieri and G. Baccarani},
  journal={IEEE Trans. on Fuzzy Systems},
  keywords={fuzzy, analog, circuit, function approximation, silicon compiler},
  abstract={In this paper a silicon compiler for analog fuzzy controllers is described.
The layout is generated automatically, starting from
global system specifications accepted as a set of classical fuzzy rules 
involving fuzzy sets as well as numerical data, often available from numerical
examples. The system relies on  a library of basic 
cells designed using a CMOS n-well $0.7\mu m$ technology
provided by SGS-Thomson and on the use of Cadence software. 
Fuzzy-logic based controllers
are synthesized and the area and  power  requirements by any 
specific application optimized.
As an example, a fuzzy controller generated according to the
proposed methodology and implementing a two inputs, one output
 rational function requires, including the I/O circuitry,
 $0.75mm \times 2.11mm$ of silicon area, the total power consumption is $34mW$ at 5V 
power supply  and the maximum 
simulated propagation delay, assuming a step input function, 
is $ 0.57 \mu sec$.  
The total computation time, using a SUN Sparc2 workstation, 
is about $20 min$ from
specification of the expected behavior to layout. Some 
prototypes designed using the proposed methodology are now in fabrication. 

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