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  key  ={ieeeJSSC:Fra98},
  title={Analog Synthesis of Nonlinear Functions Based on Fuzzy Logic},
  author={E. Franchi and N. Manaresi and R. Rovatti and A. Bellini and G. Baccarani},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits},
  keywords={fuzzy CMOS analog },
  abstract={A circuit for implementation of nonlinear analog functions
has been designed. 
It is based on the fuzzy-logic paradigm which has been mapped into 
a modular programmable  architecture:  
a software optimization procedure is used to compute   
the programming  values  by minimizing the error
between the simulated circuit response and the target I/O relationship 
specified by means of  linguistic and/or numeric information. 
The layout of dedicated macrocells
featuring a specific I/O characteristic is  then automatically created.
A  chip where the programming configuration is stored
in a digital RAM has been  fabricated using a 
CMOS $0.7 \mu m$ n-well technology thus allowing   
the overall accuracy of the proposed system to be tested.
For several examples the  difference between the measured characteristics
 and the desired I/O relationships is in the range of a few $\%$ RMS.
The spread between different chip characteristics is below $ 1\%$ RMS.
The output voltage variation for temperatures ranging between $0-70^{\circ}C$ 
and power supply  $5V \pm 5 \%$ keeps lower than about $1\%$ of the
circuit dynamic range.  
The applications of the proposed
system to the synthesis of a non-linear control law for a DC-DC power 
converter and of the compensation of 
temperature-sensor characteristics are presented.

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