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keywords={fuzzy, analog, algorithm},
author={E. Franchi and R. Rovatti and N. Manaresi and R. Ragazzoni and R. Guerrieri and
G. Baccarani and R. Poluzzi},
title={Hardware and Software Integrated Toolkit for Low Cost Analog Fuzzy
booktitle={Prooceedings of the Twentieth International Conference on Industrial
Electronics, Control and Instrumentation},
In applications where low cost is the primary concern,
analog VLSI controllers are an option.
In this paper a hardware and software integrated toolkit
for development of analog controllers based on fuzzy logic is presented.
The system is composed of a CMOS analog circuit whose input/output
relationship can be programmed to synthesize various control functions.
The value of the programmable parameters is automatically computed by the
software tool, assuming that the user specifies the controller expected behaviour
by means of linguistic and/or numeric information. A typical application
featuring nine rules with two inputs and one output variables can be
implemented using approximately 1.4mm x 0.5mm of silicon
area with a power consumption of 9mW.

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