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   key = {icdar95:Sim},
   keywords = {ocr, form processing, classifiers, algorithms},
   author = {L. Simoncini and Zs. M. Kovacs-V.},
   title = {A System for Reading USA Census '90 Hand-Written Fields},
   booktitle = {Proc. of ICDAR'95 Montreal - Canada},
   volume = {1},
   pages = {86--91},
   month = {Aug},
   year = {1995},
A specifically designed recognition system is presented for reading
the Industry or Employer section of the Official 1990 U.S. Census
form. This system was a participant in the 2nd Census OCR Systems
Conference, organised by the U. S. Bureau of Census and the National
Institute of Standards and Technology. It handles the complete reading
task starting from the scanned raster image of the form arriving to an
ASCII string containing what was written in the fields of the original
form.  The system is based on several building blocks, connected in a
suitable way.  In particular, the main operations of the recognition
engine are: form identification, field isolation and bounding box
removal, field and blob segmentation, broken character joining,
isolated character recognition, word building, dictionary correction
and finally, hypothesis and confidence generation. Each processing
step is described in detail. Results on the NIST Special Database 13
are also reported.

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