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   keywords = {image, vlsi, compression},
   author = {E. Scopa and A. Leone and R. Guerrieri and G. Baccarani},
   booktitle = {{IEEE} Proc. {ICASSP}'95, Detroit, Michigan},
   key = {icassp95:Sco95},
   month = may,
   pages = {3271--3274},
   title = {A 2{D}-{DCT} Low-Power Architecture for {H}.261 Coders},
   year = {1995},
   abstract = {
A low-power architecture for 2D-DCT is presented. It has been designed
for portable H.261-compliant video-telephone applications, but
most of the results and considerations apply to MPEG systems too.  The
presence of quantization in the coding process has been exploited,
adapting the precision of DCT calculations to the quantization noise
level. The proposed architecture has the capability of dynamically
controlling  power consumption by reducing the precision to the
minimum required level and turning off sub-systems when they are not
necessary for the computation. Compared with a standard
implementation, power consumption is reduced by a factor between 7 and
10, without appreciable degradation of the transmission quality.},

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