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    keywords={fuzzy, image compression},
    author={A. Leone and A. Bellini and R. Guerrieri},
    title={An H.261-Compatible Fuzzy-Controlled Coder for Videophone Sequences},
    booktitle={Proc. of Third IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Orlando, Florida, USA},
    year= 1994,
In this work we describe an H.261-compatible coder with fuzzy
control of the quantization parameters. The quantization parameters are
evaluated in order to minimize perceptual distortion and to transmit the
images at a fixed bit rate. The fuzzy controller classifies the different
 areas of the picture according to a set of 28 fuzzy rules using
features related to temporal and spatial activity of the sequence.
Experimental results show a higher perceptual quality of the new
technique when compared to a customary methodology
based on the buffer fullness control.},

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