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A Lab-on-a-chip for Cell Separation Based on the Moving-Cages Approach

G. Medoro and N. Manaresi and M. Tartagni and L. Altomare and A. Leonardi and R. Guerrieri


This paper presents a fully-electronic Lab-on-a-chip for cell sorting which exploits dielectrophoretic [1] (DEP) actuation to concentrate and isolate a microorganism population in a complex sample on the basis of its DEP spectral signature. A prototype has been made using standard PCB technology, by which S. cerevisiae and polystyrene micro-beads have been separated without the need for sophisticated fluid flow nor external optical components. The experiment was successfully repeated by separating S. cerevisiae from Y. lipolitica. The device electrodes are used both as actuators for particle manipulation and impedance sensors for the quantitation of sorted populations. The approach is suited for integrated circuit implementation, which would allow to manipulate single particles.

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