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  key  ={esscirc:Man96},
  title={A Field-Programmable Analog Fuzzy Processor with Enhanced 
Temperature Performance},
  author={N.Manaresi and E.Franchi and R. Guerrieri and G. Baccarani},
  journal={Proceedings of 22nd European Solid State Circuit Conference (ESSCIRC '96)},
  keywords={fuzzy, analog, circuit, function approximation, chip},
  abstract={A field programmable analog fuzzy processor that supports 
15 rules, three inputs and one output 
has been fabricated and tested.
The  chip area using  a CMOS $0.7 \mu m$ n-well technology
is $32mm^{2}$ with the analog core  less than $7\%$ of the total. 
Power consumption at $5V$ power supply is less than $45mW$.
The circuit functionality has been tested for power supply 
ranging from $4.75V$ to $5.25V$ and temperature in the interval 
between  $0^{o}C$ and $70^{o}C$. Applying  a step input function, 
the output reaches a stable value in less than $0.6 \mu sec$.  

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