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  key  ={esscirc97:Fer97},
  title={A 0.9V, 30uW Feature Extractor for Remote Speech Recognition},
  author={A. Ferrari and M. Borgatti and  M. Felici and R. Guerrieri},
  journal={Proc. of 23rd European Solid-State Circuits Conference
Southamption, UK},
  keywords={speech, recognition, vlsi, low, power},
  abstract={A feature-extraction chip for speech recognition computes fifteen cepstra
each 8ms at 64kHz clock rate and dissipates 30uW at 0.9V.
It has been implemented as a gate array in a 0.5um, three-metal CMOS 
technology. The average energy required to process a single word of the TI46
speech corpora is 10uJ. 
It achieves recognition rates over 98% in isolated-word, speech recognition 
The main contribution of this paper is the description of the implementation 
of an integrated circuit that implements a novel, highly simplified algorithm 
achieving efficient speech feature computation and compression, and very 
low-power and low-voltage operation.

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