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  key  ={esscirc93:Fra93},
  title={CMOS Analog Circuit for Function Approximation},
  author={E.Franchi and N.Manaresi and R.Guerrieri},
  journal={Proceedings of the 19th European Solid State Circuit Conference},
  keywords={fuzzy, function approximation},
  year = {1993},
A modular analog system for function approximation is presented.
It is based on the multiquadric approach and allows to program
the weight, the sharpness and the position in the input domain
of the basis functions.
The basic cell has been designed and manufactured using standard,
double-metal single-poly, CMOS 1.6um technology: the size is
312*160um^2 and the measured power consumption is below 1.4mW 
using a single 5V  power supply.    
The measured characteristic for different values of the programmable
parameters are presented.

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