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   keywords = {ocr, pattern recognition, nearest neighbors,
               algorithms, neural networks},
   author = {Zs. M. Kovacs and R. Ragazzoni and R. Rovatti and R. Guerrieri},
   title="Improved Handwritten Character Recognition Using 2nd Order
          Information from Training Set",
   journal={IEE Electronics Letters},
   volume = {29},
   number = {14},
   pages = {1308--1310},
   month = {Jul},
   year = {1993},
In this paper the problem of improving the capability of statistical
character classifiers based on finite and sparse training set is
addressed.  A significant improvement is obtained coupling standard
classifiers based on the k-Nearest Neighbors technique with a second
higher level classification stage. This method has been applied to
three existing classifiers reducing the error rate at zero rejection
of about 17%.

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