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   key = {ecctd93:Kov},
   keywords = {circuit, simulation, algorithms},
   author = {Zs. M. Kovacs-V. and A. Benedetti},
   title = {MUSIC: a Novel MUltilevel Simulator for MOS Integrated Circuits},
   booktitle = {Circuit Theory and Design 93, Ed. H. Dedieu, Elsevier},
   volume = {1},
   pages = {595--600},
   month = {Sep},
   year = {1993},
   abstract = {
A novel MUltilevel Simulator for the analysis and design of MOS IC's
at the device level (MUSIC) is presented. The code, which in the
actual version can analyze DC sweeps, has an input format fully
compatible with SPICE and eliminates the numerical overflow and slow
convergence problems, due to numerical propagation of externally
applied node voltages, often encountered in the simulation of large
MOS IC's with SPICE.

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