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   keywords = {ocr, pattern recognition, classifiers, algorithms,
               neural networks, nearest neighbors},
   author = {Zs. M. Kovacs-V. and R. Guerrieri and  G. Baccarani},
   title="Co-operative Classifiers for High Quality Handprinted Character
   journal={Biosensors and Bioelectronics},
   press = {Elsevier},
   volume = {9},
   number = {9/10},
   pages = {611--615},
   month = {Sep},
   year = {1994},
   abstract = {
In this paper a high quality handprinted character recognition system
is presented. Four classifiers based on simple features work in
parallel and their cooperation is used for quality improvement. The
four classifiers are based on two different normalization sequences,
on two different feature extraction methods and on two different
classification techniques. The results of the classifiers are
combined using a multilayer perceptron acting as supervisor, which
extracts the overall information contained in the output of the
classifiers. The results obtained on the NIST Test Data 1 are
reported using the upper-case letters in the NIST Special Database 3
as training set, featuring 3.68% error rate when no rejection is

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