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    keywords={rapid systems prototyping, virtual emulation, system verification,
    author={M. Borgatti and R. Rambaldi and G. Gori and  R. Guerrieri},
    title={A Smoothly Upgradable Approach to Virtual Emulation of HW/SW Systems}
    booktitle={Proc. of 7th IEEE International Workshop on 
         Rapid Systems Prototyping, Thessaloniki, Greece},
    year= 1996,
This article presents a novel approach to the high-level system
verification problem based on a hybrid hardware/software virtual
emulation tool.  Unavailable components or sub-systems are physically
replaced on a prototype board by FPGAs whose electrical behavior is
driven by software simulations of high-level description models.  Such
a prototype can smoothly evolve towards the final system as soon as
the unavailable parts or the components under manufacturing become
available.  The simultaneous use of prototyping techniques such as
field-programmable circuit boards with software simulation
significantly improve the usefulness of our framework.  A low-cost
verification environment, with multiprocessing and multilanguage
capabilities currently in use at University of Bologna, is described.

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