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  key  ={MICRONEURO99:Rov},
  title={A current-mode circuit implementing chaotic continuous piecewise-affine Markov maps},
  author={R. Rovatti and N. Manaresi and G. Setti and E. Franchi},
  journal={Seventh International Conference on Microelectronics for Neural, Fuzzy and Bio-Inspired Systems (MICRONEURO)},
  keywords={fuzzy analog hardware CMOS application chaos maps},
  abstract={The work is organized in two parts: first the statistical properties
of piecewise-affine Markov maps are recalled. Analytical methods for
the computation of the invariant probability densities and the rate of
mixing are presented relying on the approximation of the
Perron-Frobenius operator with a suitable finite-dimensional operator.
Then, a modular current-mode architecture for the implementation of
continuous piecewise-affine Markov maps is presented. It relies in the
decomposition of continuous piecewise-affine maps by means of a
suitable set of triangular basis functions which can be easily
implemented by means of a daisy-chain of current-mirror based
blocks. These basis functions are then weighted by R-2R equivalent
ladder and summed to give the final input-output relationship.
Simulations show the effectiveness of this approach in producing
differently distributed and almost uncorrelated sequences.},

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