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  key  ={JSSC:Bolcioni98},
  title={A Low-Power Voice-Controlled, H.263 Video Decoder for Portable Applications},
  author={L.Bolcioni and M.Borgatti and M.Felici and R.Rambaldi and R.Guerrieri},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits},
  keywords={Digital "Speech Recognizer" "Video Decoder" H263 DTW},
  abstract={In this paper a low--power, low--voltage voice--controlled H.263 video
decoding system is presented. Its power consumption makes it suitable
for portable systems with limited battery resources.
Video decoding of QCIF images at 25 frames per second is achieved at 1
MHz clock frequency and requires about 60$\mu$W@1V. SQCIF and CIF
image formats are also supported. The decoder circuit is controlled by
the on--chip isolated word speech recognizer. It is used to implement
command--oriented and menu--based applications. The resulting system
is expandable taking additional external devices under voice control.
The chip integrates 650k transistors in a 36$mm^2$ area and has
been implemented using a standard CMOS 0.35 $\mu$m, 5-metal
technology process. The system works correctly down to 0.9V allowing
single--cell button battery operation.

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