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  key  ={ISSCC2003:Man},
  title={A CMOS Chip for Individual Cell Manipulation and Detection},
  author={Nicoḷ Manaresi and A. Romani and G. Medoro and L. Altomare and A. Leonardi and M. Tartagni and R. Guerrieri},
  journal={IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC)},
  pages={192-193, 487},
  keywords={bio biochip lab-on-a-chip CMOS sensor actuator optical cells},
  abstract={Investigation of individual biological cell interactions on a large scale creates applications in drug screening, cell separation and cell analysis. The IC is designed to detect and manipulate more than 10k cells in parallel and include a 320x320 sensing and actuation array. The chip is implemented in 0.35um 2P 3M CMOS.},

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