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  key  ={ISCAS98:Man},
  title={A Current-Mode Piecewise-Linear Function Approximation Circuit based on Fuzzy-Logic},
  author={N. Manaresi and R. Rovatti and E. Franchi and G. Baccarani},
  journal={IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS)},
  keywords={fuzzy ic hardware analog },
  abstract={This work describes an analog circuit for function approximation
working in current-mode. It implements a piecewise-linear fuzzy
system: the membership functions are generated by the daisy-chain connection of
identical blocks, resulting in a grid placement of the rules, and
programming is achieved by binary encoded digital words representing the
consequents of the rules.
An approximated analytical model is derived, relating the I/O spread
the bias current variation. 
The current level allows speed and precision to be traded off for
power consumption, while maintaining the same 
normalized I/O characteristic. 
The circuit is shown to
operate correctly both in strong and weak inversion, with a bias
current varying by two orders of magnitude.},

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