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  key  ={ICECS98:Rov},
  title={Analog Implementation of Gamma-Correction for CMOS Cameras},
  author={R. Rovatti and E. Franchi and N. Manaresi and M. Tartagni and A. Bellini},
  journal={5th IEEE International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems (ICECS98)},
  keywords={fuzzy image sensor analog application CMOS},
  abstract={In this paper an analog synthesizer of non-linear functions
is applied to integrated color processing in CMOS
cameras. For reproducing images on a display with desired contrast and
color correction, a non-linear distortion of the signal associated
with pixels of different colors is needed. The adoption of a design
flow for the implementation of non-linear analog functions allows the
integration of this processing on the same chip containing the sensor
before the final A/D conversion.},

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