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  key  ={ESSDERC02:Man},
  title={Microelectronics Meets Biology: Challenges and Opportunities for Functional Integration in Lab-on-a-chip},
  author={N. Manaresi and G. Medoro and M. Tartagni and L. Altomare and R. Guerrieri},
  journal={European Solid State Devices Research Conference - European Solid State Circuits Conference (ESSDERC-ESSCIRC)},
  keywords={biochips CMOS lab-on-a-chip},
  abstract={In recent years there has been a great effort in biology, chemistry
and engineering to pursue the advantages of miniaturization for
cheaper better faster sample analysis. So far, the aim has been
mainly the speed-up of DNA amplification and detection and other
molecular analysis from preprocessed samples.  To attain the
pervasiveness enjoyed today by electronic devices, a much higher
degree of functional integration will be required, for the new goal
of sample-to-answer systems. This presentation will discuss the main
challenges and unmet needs to seize the opportunities existing for
cheap and ubiquitous bioanalytical devices, and how microelectronic
technology could play a leading role.},

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