UBFuzzy chip

A CMOS, 2 MFLIPS, digitally-programmable continuos-time Fuzzy-Logic Analog Processor.


Eleonora Franchi
Nicolò Manaresi

A continuos-time Fuzzy-Logic Analog Processor developed in 0.7um CMOS technology provided by SGS-Thomson Microelectronics. The chip is programmable through a digital bit-stream that is serially loaded at system start-up from an external EEPROM. A software tool can be used to compute the programming parameter in order to synthesize a control function specified as a set of I/O samples or classical fuzzy rules. Up to 15 rules with three input and one output signals are computed in less than 0.5usec, with a 45mW power consumption. The I/O relationship has been made insensitive over wide ranges of temperature, power supply and process parameters thanks to a specifically designed bias circuit.
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